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Achieving acronym status

KYC, AML, API, SaaS, PISP. In our world of financial technology and Open Banking, we pepper our everyday conversations and presentations with acronyms. In fact, our industry is innovating so fast that we are coining words every ‘day, developing a whole new lexicon to describe the latest ideas, tools and services that we are inventing. […]

Netflix knows me better than I know myself

Netflix knows me better than I know myself. I’ve no sooner finished Killing Eve when Netflix suggests a Scandi noir I’ve never heard of but looks spot on. How did it know? We know exactly how of course. Netflix collects vast amounts of data from its 100 plus million users and deploys that data to […]

Casting light

Strength, stability and security BBC News ran a story recently, interviewing 30 year old Scott Tacchi from Truro, who has spent the past 18 months as a lighthouse engineer, maintaining the 250 lighthouses still in use across the UK.   His job takes him to some stunning locations and he has documented not only the […]


Castlight Financial, the Glasgow-based financial capability company, has further strengthened its management team with the appointment of open banking strategist, Neil Cunningham. Neil has a strong track record of new product innovation and the creation of transforma-tive business partnerships within the consumer credit and financial services markets. Most recently as Partnerships Director at Equifax UK, […]

Not waving but drowning

Over 8 million people in the UK are unable to pay off debts or household bills according to the National Audit Office’s most recent report. And this worrying statistic has subsequently generated considerable concern and column inches. However, in terms of the problem of financial distress, the millions of people in actual debt are only […]

Give a man a fish

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”  This familiar wisdom is attributed to a Chinese proverb, but it’s also a principle at the heart of many international charities working in the developing […]

We Must Address Financial Wellness

More than 6 out of 10 senior HR executives in the UK have seen a rise in financial well-being issues affecting employee mental health and work performance, according to a nationwide study by financial solutions company, MetLife UK.   And just this week Insider magazine’s Ken Symon highlighted a troubling figure of £51 billion, which […]

The Joy Of Giving

If you’ve given something up for Lent, you’re in the home stretch now and that chocolate Easter egg, glass of wine or can of fizzy stuff is almost within reach. Millions of Christians around the world choose to deny themselves a treat during Lent and use it as a time to remember Christ’s sacrifice. And […]

Interesting Times

When reviewing the constant Brexit news coverage, it’s perhaps worth remembering Robert Kennedy’s speech in Cape Town in June 1966 when he said: “There is a Chinese curse which says ‘May he live in interesting times.’ Like it or not we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are […]