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Companies and Algorithms Need Women in Tech

Our team at Castlight Financial is growing by the week and we were delighted to note this week that, despite the fact that just 17% of people working in technology across the UK are female, 23% of our employees are women. And in the even more traditionally male-dominated developer sector, 57% in our development team […]

Too Much Month Left at the End of the Money

A recent thread on Mumsnet exploded after someone posted “After all expenses we are left with about £1k in our account. My husband is flapping saying its not enough of a buffer … my argument is, we are lucky to have that much and we shouldn’t waste time fretting … Am I wrong not to […]

CaaS Tool is Developed for Asset Managers

By Ross Laurie, Advisor to Castlight Financial. For the last couple of years, we’ve talked about how our CaaS (Categorisation as a Service) engine is revolutionising the way lending institutions are helping their customers take control of their finances and demonstrate their affordability credentials for a loan.

Keeping The Furniture Moving

Guest blog by Ally Walker, Marketing Consultant Castlight have moved the office furniture around again. I’ve noticed this before and just assumed that the team was creating more desk space for the new starts that are joining on an almost weekly basis.

Data Is The New Oil

Data is the new oil. It’s the currency of the future. And it was good to see, at this year’s Data Talent Scotland event, that hundreds of Scotland’s students have recognised the importance of data in virtually every area of business life, and have spent the last few years studying data science, analytics and engineering.