A Week of Awards

A Week of Awards in the Company of Fellow Disrupters

It has been a whirlwind of a week for the Castlight team. In the course of just a few days Castlight has won the first ever Deloitte’s Disrupt the Enterprise event to be held in Scotland and then we secured a place for the live final of TEDxGlasgow at the beginning of June.

We are, of course, delighted with the wins. We are excited by our Affordability Passport® and the way it can help build a safer, financial world. And its been so encouraging to have the opportunity to talk to discerning audiences across Scotland’s business community and get the feedback that they think its exciting too.

But for me, perhaps the greatest thrill of both these events was to be part of a community of ‘”disrupters” – people who are transforming the way their industries and organisations work, growing innovative businesses and helping shape both the Scottish and national economy.

When TEDxGlasgow announced the winners of the final two spaces for the grand finals on 2nd June, it was obvious it had been a tough day of judging. As a participant, it had been a truly inspiring experience as entrepreneurs across the technology, charity, health, design, security and brewing sectors presented hugely innovative and entrepreneurial ideas, products and programmes. The enthusiasm and energy in the room was palpable.

Eventually though, we shared the finalists’ spot with Tracey Howe, a chartered physiotherapist and professor of rehabilitation sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University. Tracey is an advocate of adaptive design and has designed personalised assistive products such as supported seating and standing frames. Some of these products are specifically designed to provide solutions for those most in need, such as pop-up products from corrugated cardboard which can be used in disaster zones. What a brilliant idea!

And what a privilege it was to share that platform with Tracey. TEDxGlasgow described our presentations as “two very different ideas focusing on solving two very different problems.. Both have the scope to revolutionise different areas of our lives.”

I love that picture. Tracey working to enable people to live productive, independent and dignified lives. And Castlight working to create a safer, financial world, more resilient to financial crisis. Both of us disrupting and bettering the worlds we work in.