Casting light

Strength, stability and security

BBC News ran a story recently, interviewing 30 year old Scott Tacchi from Truro, who has spent the past 18 months as a lighthouse engineer, maintaining the 250 lighthouses still in use across the UK.


His job takes him to some stunning locations and he has documented not only the challenging technical tasks but some incredible storms and sunsets too. It’s an interesting read and Scott Tacchi has taken some breathtaking photographs.


After reading the BBC News feature, I found myself thinking about lighthouses, partly because we use the image of a lighthouse as an important part of our corporate brand. Lighthouses are symbols of strength, stability and security. And although the last manned lighthouse in the UK, at North Foreland in Kent, closed its doors in 1998, lighthouses continue to do their job, as they have for centuries, keeping sailors safe.

Shining a light

Our strapline is “a safer financial world” and we chose the image of the lighthouse purposefully. Like the lighthouse, it is our job to keep our customers safe, shining a light on their financial situations and guiding them safely through choppy waters. In more extreme situations, sometimes the Castlight beam illuminates someone who is drowning in debt and needs rescue.


The financial crash of 2008 has often been referred to as a tsunami and millions of people were indeed dashed against the rocks of financial insecurity. How badly we needed “financial lighthouses” then – something rooted, substantial, standing guard over a perilous situation and shining a light on it.


I have often said in these blogs that what we do every day at Castlight is try to safeguard against the credit crunch ever happening again. That’s why we create tools for lenders and individuals to illuminate and protect people’s financial security, to ensure that no-one gives or takes on credit that cannot be comfortably repaid.


In his poem The Light-Keeper, Robert Louis Stevenson refers to a lighthouse keeper as “his country’s guardian”. It is not a claim he made lightly as RLS was the grandson of the famous lighthouse engineer Robert Stevenson and knew a thing or two about the family business of building lighthouses.


And when we at Castlight seek to create a safer financial world, to be one of the country’s guardians of financial security – it’s not a claim we make lightly either.