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Sub-Prime Lending: Lets Stop the Next Financial Tsunami

10 years ago the US sub-prime mortgage market hit the rocks and triggered a financial tsunami around the world. Many of us, I’m sure, will never forget the sight of panicked queues outside Northern Rock banks as the waves of destruction reached UK shores and began to lap at the doors of our High Street banks.

There were many reasons for the financial crisis – it was, in fact, a perfect storm. Continue reading “Sub-Prime Lending: Lets Stop the Next Financial Tsunami”

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Kick the Pizza Habit & Pass the Mortgage Stress Test

It’s February, it’s miserable, the days are getting a wee bit longer, but not much. It’s time to think about holidays, get something in the diary to look forward to. And most of the planning is great. City break, ski, beach or an adventure? But, its not all fun in the sun. Once we start signing on the line, we are simultaneously worst-case scenario planning. We take out insurance in case we’re ill and have to cancel, in case we break a leg, in case we lose all our luggage and have to improvise a new holiday wardrobe, in case we get food poisoning and have to fly home early. We take contingency planning very seriously – even if it is only a quick flip to France. Continue reading “Kick the Pizza Habit & Pass the Mortgage Stress Test”

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Affordability & Financial Capability – What’s the Difference?

The UK’s first ever Financial Capability Week took place in November – a week of initiatives designed to highlight ways in which people can be helped to manage their money well. Financial capability as a concept is gaining ground and hundreds of organisations in the UK are involved in tackling the issue of low financial capability, helping people to prepare and cope with financial shocks and life events such as redundancy, bereavement and divorce. Continue reading “Affordability & Financial Capability – What’s the Difference?”

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