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Mark Carney

Mark Carney is Right

A few weeks ago, I used this blog to welcome Mark Carney’s warning that families are seriously over-indulging on car finance and credit card debt. And this week, the Castlight team were delighted to see two pages of the The Sunday Times newspaper reporting on Bank of England initiatives to demand more detailed information from lenders on how they approve loans. Continue reading “Mark Carney is Right”

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Castlight appoints Kevin Allen to head Product Deployment Team

Castlight Financial, the Glasgow-based financial capability company, has recruited credit risk expert Kevin Allen as Credit & Risk Product Manager. In this role he will be responsible for managing the products deployment team as they work with some of the UK’s largest banks to deliver affordability solutions and help them prepare for the regulation and opportunities of open banking early next year. Continue reading “Castlight appoints Kevin Allen to head Product Deployment Team”

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Hunting Elk and the Principles of Underwriting

Who would have thought the History of Insurance would be a gripping read? But dipping into Andrew Beattie’s article over Christmas, in between raids on the festive Quality Street, I discovered that the very first written insurance policy appeared on a Babylonian obelisk, back in 1754BC. King Hammurabi of Mesopotamia created 282 laws that set standards of conduct and justice for his empire and had them carved on a seven and a half foot obelisk. One of the laws offered basic insurance in that a debtor didn’t have to pay back his loans if some personal catastrophe made it impossible. Continue reading “Hunting Elk and the Principles of Underwriting”

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Castlight and Equifax Launch First Real-Time Mortgage Affordability Platform

Castlight, the leading financial capability company, has formed a new strategic partnership with Equifax, the consumer and business insights expert, to launch the first real-time affordability platform to support brokers and their clients with mortgage applications. The system will reduce the time it takes to make a mortgage application to as little as ten minutes. Continue reading “Castlight and Equifax Launch First Real-Time Mortgage Affordability Platform”

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