David Tracy Appointment

Castlight Financial Appoints David Tracy As Chief Analytics Officer

Castlight Financial, the Glasgow-based financial capability company has recruited internationally experienced data science and analytics innovator, David Tracy, as Chief Analytics Officer.

In this role David will be responsible for ensuring Castlight’s products leverage the latest state-of-the-art data science techniques, and for creating innovative new products to help lending institutions and consumers take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by open banking, by giving them the tools they need to make better financial decisions.

David has built and led data science teams in the UK and internationally, most recently founding and developing the data science team at web-based fantasy sports company FanDuel, where he mechanised advanced methods of data modelling to predict the behaviour of its 6 million registered users. David has also worked widely across the UK and Europe’s insurance sector at Kwik-Fit Insurance, Ageas and Tesco Bank. During his time in the analytics department at Tesco Bank he was responsible for using data science to support the marketing function by building tools to forecast consumer behaviour and develop evidence-based “what-if” scenario modelling.

Phil Grady, Castlight Financial’s founder and CEO says:

“David is a talented data scientist with a particular aptitude for applying data modelling processes to real life scenarios.  This allows him to predict with extraordinary accuracy, how consumer behaviours and trends will pan out in the next few months or years. David will be using his expertise to drive the Castlight data science team forwards and create increasingly sophisticated evidence-based predictive models, so that we can continue to offer the banking and insurance markets the resources they need to analyse and predict their customers’ behaviour. And  of course the more insight lenders and insurers have into their customers’ financial  behaviour and wellbeing, the better they are able to support them.”
Says David:
“Castlight is a powerhouse of innovative technology, but it was their mission to build a safer financial world that drew me in. The team impressed me hugely with their passion and integrity. I’m proud to be playing a part in ensuring that lenders are given an unprecedented understanding of what their customers can afford to borrow and what they are able to repay through Castlight’s Affordability Passport and its CaaS or Categorisation as a Service product. I am looking forward to using my experience of advanced data science modelling to finesse these products and give them even greater insight functionality. As open banking becomes the next big thing, not just in the world of banking but in day to day life, I am thrilled to be part of a team whose mission it is to use the opportunities of open banking to give people real control of their finances.”