Categorisation as a Service

our people, our technology

Castlight’s team of data scientists can help you maximise the value of your customer data and enhance your decision making processes. Our consultancy-led team will review the effectiveness of your existing categorisation processes, work through solutions for any analytics issues you may have and identify opportunities for extracting more comprehensive or more specific data.

You can also take advantage of our comprehensive categorisation service where you outsource your customers’ transactional records to us and our sophisticated technology will take this raw transactional data and split it across up to 80 core categories of discretionary and non-discretionary spending. The process, which can be completed within minutes, will provide you with comprehensive insight into potential customers’ spending behaviour, allowing you to make more robust, more informed and therefore better underwriting decisions.

our API, your developers

Castlight Financial’s API, which powers our Affordability Passport and Categorisation as a Service (CAAS®) resource, is also available to customers on a “pay as you go” basis.

If you are a lending institution or third party software developers looking to develop your own categorisation solutions you can use our API, simply as a hosted service and programme it into your existing software service. Alternatively, you can use it a platform from which to develop your own categorisation software solutions.

Whichever approach suits you best, our data scientists will work with you to provision the API and integrate it into your commercial processes.

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