We Must Address Financial Wellness

More than 6 out of 10 senior HR executives in the UK have seen a rise in financial well-being issues affecting employee mental health and work performance, according to a nationwide study by financial solutions company, MetLife UK.


And just this week Insider magazine’s Ken Symon highlighted a troubling figure of £51 billion, which according to a Yorkshire Building Society and Salary Finance report, is lost to the UK’s economy each year in productivity and recruitment expenses as financial pressures make employees unable to finish daily tasks and more likely to change jobs.

Financial Wellbeing At Work

These are very concerning statistics but I think what worries me, perhaps even more, is Metlife’s findings, reported by George Elringham on the Insight website, that businesses are concerned they do not understand enough about financial wellbeing, with 66 percent saying there needs to be more clarity on best practice on tackling financial wellbeing at work.


Adrian Matthews, Employee Benefits Director, MetLife UK said: ““There is no magic solution to improving financial wellbeing in the workplace….” And I’d agree with him as far as the magic is concerned. There may not be a magic solution but where we differ is that I believe there’s definitely a solution.

The Solution

Castlight’s Affordability Passport is ultimately a financial wellness tool, which can be put directly into the hands of individuals, whether they are employed by companies or working for themselves. Many of our customers use our Affordability Passport to demonstrate their affordability to lenders, but we are increasingly seeing people use its financial wellness functionality to manage and control their day-to-day finances.


The Affordability Passport uses open banking technology to access a customer’s transactional information and uses CaaS, a powerful categorisation engine to categorise income and expenditure, across any number of accounts into over 150 categories, summarising income streams, credit commitments, essential costs and discretionary spending. The customer achieves a 3D picture of their finances, including the pressure points, areas of vulnerability and projections of problems before they happen. For one customer, the Affordability Passport may flag up that what is causing severe financial pressure is their car loan repayment plan. For another individual, it may just be that reducing spending on digital subscription packages would provide enough of a financial buffer, to ease the strain.


For some of our customers the Affordability Passport journey is reassuring and informative. It’s like a maintenance gym routine, a financial wellness routine that ensures they stay on track.

Life Changing

But for others with debt who are far from financially well it’s more like a brand new gym membership and induction course rolled into one. And it can be life changing because it sets someone back on the right path, by demonstrating to their bank that, whilst the recent financial path might have been rocky, there are patterns of sound financial behaviour that can be worked on and outcomes turned around. At Castlight we call it redemptive technology.


It’s not a magic solution. But sometimes, for someone in financial despair, redemptive technology can feel a little like magic.